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Top Colorado Waterfowl Outfitters

If you want to experience Colorado goose hunting and duck hunting as it is meant to be, come hunt with us!  Clint and Jared Roth, are Colorado natives, born and raised in the area. They are professional guides and they know what it takes to decoy the geese and ducks.  Through the years they have secured many high producing properties that will put you where the birds want to be.  Your hunt will include an experienced guide, blinds or pits, dogs as needed and quality decoys.  Also, the guides are excellent at calling and pulling the geese and ducks into the spread.

We lease twenty of the most prestigious properties in Northern Colorado.  Our exclusive private properties allow us to offer you a quality hunting exprience. Most hunting is done from dry fields out of pit blinds.

We provide top quality guided hunts for:

  • Canada goose hunts
  • Duck hunts

The Best Goose Hunting and Duck Hunting in Colorado!

With open water and plentiful food sources, Northern Colorado is known for its flocks of Canadian geese that migrate to winter here. Longtime experience, along with careful management of their leases, is what makes Western Waterfowl Outfitters an obvious choice.  They know how to stack the odds to consistently harvest game.  Now isn’t it time to stack those odds in your favor?  Book a trip with Western Waterfowl Outfitters!

**Now booking for the 2022-2023 season**

We are your best choice for Colorado waterfowl and hunts. Book your trip today.  Contact us at 970-381-7798 or westernwaterfowloutfitters11@gmail.com

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