The Guides

Simply the best in Colorado….

Western Waterfowl Outfitters provides the best waterfowl guides anyone can offer.  Brother team of Clint and Jared ensure that your hunting experience will be remembered for a long time.  Because our family reputation is on the line for each hunt, you’ll notice that we do things the right way – every time.

Clint Roth:  Clint has been hunting with his dad since he could walk.  Clint lives and breathes hunting and his main concern is that our clients go away with a memorable experience.  You will not find another guide who will work harder for you than Clint.

Jared Roth:  Like Clint, Jared has been in the field hunting since he can first remember.  Following in his brothers footsteps, he joined us eight years ago as a guide.  Jared loves the thrill of a great hunt and wants our clients to experience that with him.  He will do everything possible to send you away with a smile.

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