Canada Goose Hunting

Experience the type of goose hunts you dream about, see on TV, or read about. Be ready for in-your-face action. This is how decoy hunting is done.

2023-2024 Goose Hunt

Western Waterfowl Outfitters’ goose hunts are located in Northern Colorado, on one of the 20 properties we have to choose from. Colorado has some of the most amazing goose hunting in the Central Flyway. Our local population of 10,000+ greater Canada geese can be a sight to see. Additionally, at different times of the migration the Front Range may hold 250,000+ wintering Canada geese. The migration through our area starts in mid-November and continues through February, which makes for spectacular goose hunting all season long.

Each goose hunt includes:

  • Professional Guide
  • Retriever (depending on location and safety)
  • Most hunts our done in pits, or concealed pit blinds on or near water
  • Extensively pre-scouted fields, exclusive private property to hunt on
  • Large full body decoy rigs, including Stuffers and/or Goose floater decoys
  • Bird Cleaning may be arranged


  • $1,600 for one to four guns
  • Add additional guns for $400
  • Refund policy: No refunds given on deposits. Hunts may be rescheduled if we are contacted at least two weeks in advance.

2023-2024 Season Dates:

  • Regular Goose Season in the Colorado Central Flyway
  • 10-30-23 thru 2-11-24/li>


  • Daily bag limit: 5 dark geese; 50 light geese
  • Possession limit: 15 dark geese; unlimited for light geese

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